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Television Production
My television experience spans a wide range of production formats, including many live martial arts events, such as the world famous Shaolin Warriors' first ever studio show (lead camera & DP); to political broadcasts, interviews and chat shows, for BBC Sport, Avalon, ITV and many smaller production companies.

My studio work has also included live music and comedy, commercials and teasers, educational and dramatic productions, and I expand into new areas whenever possible.
I am silver certified for Steadicam and have experience with a wide range of broadcast equipment, on the studio floor and in the production galleries and post-production suites.

The best way to hire me is to simply get in touch here and tell me about your project.
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Live Music Events
As an nth generation musician, music is a big part of who I am, so naturally, filming it is deep passion.
I thrive in the atmosphere of live music productions; It fuels my creativity and drives me to find ever-more inventive shots.

This is where I feel the hand-held camera comes into its own.
The freedom of the untethered camera allows me to search for the most beautiful angles, and the small format affords me the opportunities to move in close to the action, for the most dynamic and vibrant frames.
Let's take a look at some of those frames...
Live Sport
As well as the typical football coverage, I spent a year with MA Action, filming martial arts events, which became a part of my life, and eventually lead me to take up a combination of Krav Maga and Wing Tsun in England.

I filmed in-studio and on location, all over the country, covering everything from Kick-Boxing and Judo to Shaolin Kung Fu and Cage Fighting. Naturally, this work developed my reflexes and movement prediction to an art.
I love ring-side camera work for its endless changes and the skill required to keep framing and focus on moving targets.
Some of that work can be seen here:
For interviews, I try to gain a prior understanding of the subject, as it can inform the shooting style
as well as providing subtle cues for shot changes and camera moves. Of course, it pays to listen as well.

I have filmed interviews for national news, international sports competitions, local dance shows, award ceremonies, political broadcasts and more.
Ok, let's take a look at some clips. Hold tight; This one's exciting...
Comedy Shows
Among the many studio shows I have worked on over the years, comedy has always been my favorite.
Working with the nation's top talent is a privilege and a joy.
Here's one of the shows...
Short Productions
Some short productions I have been involved with have included 3D studio and green screen projects, medical lectures for the NHS and private companies, training videos for schools, comedy sketches for new talent, indie projects and promos for small businesses, teasers for TV channels and many more.

This one was made as part of a marketing push for a new channel for which I worked as shooting DP and editor.
I took this particular project from concept to delivery almost single-handedly on the day of its conception
(the only other person involved in its production was a film student I was training at the same time).
Let's take a look...
My editing experience has covered all of the above genres, mainly in Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro.
The footage below was cut from a lecture program I ran in the UK, and composited the hard way in FCP.
This project was created as an editing exercise, but it still gets some laughs.

This one wasn't exactly cleared for publication. You can download the full video from here (password on request).
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